About Pet Drug Card

It may come as a surprise to some pet owners to find out that they can fill many of their veterinarians' prescriptions at a people pharmacy.

While some drugs are for animal use only, many are the exact drugs as are used by humans, only differing in the dosage.

The Pet Drug Card is a means to obtain these drugs at a discount at your local pharmacy.

In addition, the Pet Drug Card has made arrangements with a US, FDA approved specialty pharmacy that can fill those prescriptions for animal-only medications and compounds.

All you have to do to start saving with your card is to simply ask your vet for a prescription.

Unlike certain internet pharmacies whose sources of medications cannot always be verified, the Pet Drug Card utilizes your local pharmacy for most pet drug needs and a single source specialty pharmacy for those animal-only drugs.

Pet owners should continue to protect their pets by keeping a line of communication open with their veterinarians and understand that they almost always want what’s best for your pet.