Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the NDN Pet Drug Card?
  • The NDN Pet Drug Card is a card that allows the bearer of the card to obtain discounts on almost any prescribed drug by a vet.
  • Where can these discounts be obtained?
  • If the drug prescribed by the vet is a "people" drug, then the drug can be obtained, at discount, at almost any chain pharmacy or at most independent pharmacies in the US and Puerto Rico. If the prescribed drug is a "pet-only" drug or compound, then you can obtain the drug by calling our special pet med pharmacy.
  • Can I use this card at my local vet?
  • No, this is a pharmacy-based discount.
  • How do I use the card?
  • A. Ask your Vet for a written prescription.

    B. Check to see if the drug is a "people" drug or a "pet-only" drug. If undecided, view the "I'm not sure" page.

    C. Present the NDN Pet Drug Card along with your prescription or call the special pet med pharmacy.